Studio Workstation (Eretria)

Operating System: Windows 11 Professional
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5950x
GPU: MSI Ventus 3090 OC
RAM: 32GB 3600MHZ DDR4

2019 MacBook Pro 16" (Sylvia)

Operating System: MacOS 12 Monterey
CPU: Intel I7-9750H
GPU: AMD Radeon 5300m
RAM: 16GB 2666MHZ DDR4

Misc. Hardware

Audio Interface/DAC: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 V2
Heaphone AMP: Schitt Audio Magni Rev.3
Microphone: Audio Technica AT2035
MIDI Keyboard Controller: Akai Pro MPK 261
Typing Keyboard: Custom built TKL with lubed and filmed Holy Panda switches
Mouse: Cooler Master MM711

Primary Software

IDE: JetBrains IDE Collection (All Products), XCode, Visual Studio with Resharper
Text Editor: Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text
GIT GUI: Sublime Merge, SourceTree
Terminal Client: Terminal (MacOS), cmder (Windows)
Digital Audio Workstations:
Video Editor: Davinci Resolve Studio
Recording and Streaming: OBS, FFMPEG
Synthesis and Instument VST:
Effect VST: